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Mark Roberts Motion Control Demo

Recently I had the pleasure of being shown around and given a gear demo at Mark Roberts Motion Control with the BOLT, TALOS and MILO Cinebot rigs, amongst others, with Gary Weston from MRMC.

MRMC have around 6 various Cinebots, all of which are incredible pieces of filming gear, capable of high speed, precision movements. This is particularly geared towards pulling off complex moves with high frame rate shooting, incredibly accurately, time and time again. The images one can create with BOLT are really cinematic and add a lot of production value to your shoot. While BOLT is often used in studio it can be set up almost anywhere, weight and height permitting. The BOLT is delivered to set with an operator and can be set up in less than 45 minutes which is a major plus when every minute counts on a film set. The operator will help you throughout the process and can offer you options and solutions to the challenges that such equipment provides in ensuring you get the best possible shot.

BOLT showreel:

I'm really looking forward to getting creative with these impressive Cinebots on a film set soon!

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