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We're investing in an Arri 35!

Ginger Ninja Films Ltd have taken the opportunity to invest in the new Arri 35, 4.6k production camera.

The Arri 35 raises the bar once again for digital cinema cameras with a brand new sensor and a host of improvements over Arri's current offerings, Arri Mini and Mini LF.

With the new sensor Arri have set the gold standard once again. The brand-new Super 35 4.6 sensor has 17 stops of latitude, improved sensitivity and the fantastic REVEAL colour science which brings an easy workflow to your production.

With lower noise at higher ISO's and a new enhanced sensitivity option for even cleaner images in low light, the creative options are endless. Skin tones are rendered beautifully with a natural look.

New Arri Textures allow you to add different looks for different shooting environments without compromising on the final delivery. A multitude of recording formats allow for anamorphic de-squeezing, in-camera downsampling while optimising data rates, resolution and aspect ratios.

A massively wide range of lenses can be used with the Arri 35, whether it be modern or vintage spherical or anamorphic glass.

Coming in 2023.

Please enquire via email.


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