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About me:


Toby Harris is a UK-based cinematographer with fifteen years of experience in the film industry, in particular commercials, feature films, shorts, documentaries, television drama, obs doc series and music videos. 


He received his Bachelor's Degree in Motion Picture Film from AFDA Film Academy in 2008, majoring in Cinematography. With his experience, studies and continuous research he is fully competent with all digital cameras, 35mm, 16mm and 8mm film, and can adjust to any genre, theme or look. 


Toby has lensed 3 feature films as well as 6 short films as Director of Photography. 'Natie's Garage', a feature film comedy shot on the RED One MX, 'Little Kings', a feature film dramedy shot on Canon DSLR cameras with Oscar-nominated director Darryl Roodt and 'Stick up', a feature film dramedy shot on the Sony FS7. 'Stick Up' won a SAFTA in 2016 for Best Made-For-TV Feature Film. 


The Vitamin Water 'Hydration, only better' spec commercial he filmed was a finalist at the Cannes Mofilm Lion contest in 2011. Further Cannes success includes The Tigerbrands 'Alphabet' commercial for TBWA Hunt Lascaris and 7 Films, which won Bronze at Cannes in 2014. The Tigerbrands "Alphabet" commercial also won a Silver at the Loeries in 2014.


 "Oh Love", a song by Indie pop band, Dance You're on Fire, was a finalist at the MK Music Video Channel Top 12 Awards. His most recent music video shoot for EDM DJ, TiMO ODV, 'Dancing again', reached No. 1 on Trace Africa Music video channel for 10 weeks running. 


Toby was a camera operator for BBC's 'Road to World Cup 2014 Brazil', as well as the factual feature documentary about rugby legend, Joost van der Westhuizen, called 'Glory Game'. 'Glory Game' has gone to multiple film festivals, including winning Best Foreign Film Award at the All Sports L.A. Film Festival. His most recent documentary for Western Edge Pictures in the UK is a 4 part series on Amazon Prime featuring the "Bladerunner", Oscar Pistorius and his fall from grace, from the shooting to conviction. 


Coke Studio, a music fusion show with artists from around the globe, won a SAFTA in 2016 for Best Music Variety Show, another feather in the cap as Director of Photography. 


From long form and short narrative work to commercials and music videos Toby brings a high level of professionalism, expertise and experience to any set and would be an asset to any project. 


Bronze Cannes Lion 2014

SAFTA 2016

Best made for tv film

SAFTA 2016 Best music variety show

All Sports 2015

Best Foreign Film





Cannes Lion Bronze 2014

Tiger Brands Alphabet TVC filmed for TBWA Hunt Lascaris and 7 Films

Loeries Awards Silver 2014

Tiger Brands Alphabet TVC filmed for TBWA Hunt Lascaris and 7 Films

All Sports 2015 Best Foreign Film Award

"Glory Game" feature film for Blink Pictures

SAFTA 2016 Best Made-For TV Feature Film Award

"Stick Up" feature film for Inside Job Media

SAFTA 2016 Best Music Variety Award

"Coke Studio" TV series for Good Noise Productions

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