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BSC Expo time.

Recently I visited the BSC expo in Battersea. If you're unsure what BSC stands for, then let me fill you in. BSC stands for British Society of Cinematographers and obviously represents the creme de la creme of the film industry.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the BSC expo in Battersea Park where most of the industry's big players were out in force to showcase their latest and greatest film equipment. From companies like Panavision, Arri and Sony to CVP, Focus 24 and Movietech as well as many more, this was a 2 day event not to be missed.

First things first, there was so much going on with all the exhibitors on the floor that I didn't even manage to get to all the talks, discussions and seminars that were being showcased. I guess 2019 will have to do for that. I only managed to visit on the Friday and not the Saturday but still managed to see quite a bit.

With many of the big names showcasing or releasing new cameras it was an exciting time to size up what the industry has to offer in the near future. Arri released their new LF 4K Alexa, Sony brought along their new Venice 6K camera and Panavision had the revised DXL 2 on their stand, along with a veritable smorgasbord of lenses.

Black Tek showcased their Shotover U1 set up while Focus 24 brought their Dual Flow Cine Black Arm with Movi XL to the stabilised head party. Having recently met Mr Helix owner Rizwan Saleem, it was great to see his Helix set up as well.

The main reason for me being there was definitely the lighting as Carpet Light GmbH, Kino Flo, Mole Richardson, Roto Light, Cirrolite, Cineo Lighting, Chimera Lighting, K5600, Lite Gear, Arri themselves and many more made themselves available with their latest products.

Walking around I found many friendly folks to chat to and get to know more about what services and products they had to offer. As I was shooting the next day in studio with the K5600 Joker Bug I had a nice chat to the guys at K5600 about their lights and accessories which was super useful.

Having recently met the guys and had a demo at Motion 24 along with Focus 24, it was great to see them again at the expo. I was able to play with their Dual Flow Cine Black Arm and Movi XL combo with the Freefly Controller and wheels, a fantastic combo for any stabilised driving and action car sequences.

There were many other great highlights at the expo but it would take many pages to cover. I managed to hang out with some cinematographer friends while taking it all in: Marco Goncalves and Bernin Isaacs who are both 1st AC's as well as Brent Clegg, a camera operator and hopefully we'll all get to hang out again next year. The bus set up was also fantastic, meaning you didn't have to bring your car and picked you up and dropped you off from a nearby hotel.

All in all, a massive success, certainly by looking around at all the happy faces at the Panavision stand having a beer and chatting, you would only think it would get bigger and better in 2019!

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