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Camera Branch Social and AGM 9 June

In the film industry, the only way to move up and succeed is for people to know that you exist and that you're a real, live person and not some bot on social media. So off I went to my first meeting and gathering of British camera crew. First up, a word from the incredibly talented DP, John Mathieson. Yes, John Mathieson of Gladiator, X-Men, Logan and Phantom of the Opera fame. I've been a massive fan of his work for years so it was always going to be something special.

Having witnessed the AGM and the announcements of the new heads representing each department, we got down to the difficult part of drinking a beer and socialising. There is something special about how all the people in the camera department can come together and support each other throughout the industry. I simply know no other discipline in which this happens to such an extent and it certainly makes my industry a little easier.

While I was not able to chat to everyone, I certainly met some wonderful people whom I hope to not only share a beer with but hopefully make some magic on a film set in the future as well. These include Director of Photography Angus Hudson (BSC), Director of Photography Adam Hall, 1st AC Kate Eccarius, Cinematographer/Colourist Mark Caldwell, 1st AC Johnny Howard and Director of Photography Charlie Herranz.

So the journey continues and only good things wait on the horizon. Now just to sign up to BECTU..

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